Adding google/Linux to Web Shortcuts.

Konqueror has a feature called 'Web Shortcuts' that when enabled allow you to search directly from the browser address bar or from the <Alt><F2> CLI. The following is how I added google/linux to my web shortcuts.

Fig:1 Web Shortcuts.

Select the web shortcut dialog (Fig:1).
KDE Control Center-->Internet and Network-->Web Browser-->Web Shortcuts, and click on Add.
Place the following values in the New Search Provider widget, (Fig:2).

Search Provider Name:

Search URI:\{@}

URI Shortcut:

Default (or whatever you use).

Fig:2 New Search Provider.

Click OK and Apply.
Now you can search google/Linux by typing "gl:search-string" in the konqueror address bar or from the desktop by typing into the <Alt><F2>CLI.