Vegas at Night.

A selection of night shots of Las Vegas.
thumbs/Vegas 003.png
Looking south from my hotel.
thumbs/Vegas 004.png
My Hotel/Casino.
thumbs/Vegas 006.png
A minkey outside Circus Circus.
thumbs/Vegas 008.png
Even Maccas have a tacky sign.
thumbs/Vegas 019.png
At the TI (Treasure Island) Casino they have a pirate show out the front to entertain the passing crowds, these are the bad guys...
thumbs/Vegas 025.png
...and these are the good guys.
thumbs/Vegas 027.png
Sigfried, Roy and the Tiger that gave Roy a nasty love bite...
thumbs/Vegas 029.png
There are real dolphins at The Mirage (stay tuned for photos:-)
thumbs/Vegas 031.png
Looking north from The Mirage.
thumbs/Vegas 061.png
The Mirage has a fake volcano that errupts every 15 minuts at night to entertain the passing masses, boom...
thumbs/Vegas 071.png
thumbs/Vegas 072.png
thumbs/Vegas 082.png
thumbs/Vegas 088.png
Even the bottle shops have tacky neon signs.
thumbs/Vegas 094.png
Fwends, Womans,Countweemen, lend me your beers.
thumbs/Vegas 097.png
An Irish be sure.
thumbs/Vegas 129.png
This is a 1/2 scale replica made from the original plans to celebrate the 100th aniversiry of the original, it even has an observation deck (hint;-)
thumbs/Vegas 131.png
The replica Eifel Tower is part of the Paris Casino, which has this nifty fake balloon out the front.
thumbs/Vegas 133.png
The Paris Casino in all its glory.
thumbs/Vegas 139.png
The Harley Davidson Cafe.
thumbs/Vegas 145.png
Cokeville USA.
thumbs/Vegas 158.png
This monument to 'good' taste is a casino called The Excallibur, you can see Merlin the Magician surounded by fake lightning bolts in the big picture.
thumbs/Vegas 165.png
A sphinx outside the Luxor, which is a big black glass pyramid that dosn't photograph well at night.
thumbs/Vegas 167.png
At the Bellagio they have a shite load of fountains that spout to music every 15 minutes to entertain the riff-raff as they pass by.