Turkey Day

On Thursday 27/11/03 Dad, Joyce and Myself left Orlando for St Augustine to spend Thanksgiving with my step sister Jill, her husband David and their two sons, Jacob and Logan.
thumbs/st-augustine 002.png
The Turkey.....and Dad :-)
thumbs/st-augustine 003.png
The bird fresh from the oven, this one is a 17 pounder.
thumbs/st-augustine 004.png
Scoffs On!
L to R (standing) Bill, David and Jill.
(sitting) Jacob, Logan and Joyce.
There is no way the leftovers are going to fit in the fridge, so Joyce went to work reducing it to cold cuts.
Logan with his voice activated R2D2 toy.
Obi Wan Kenobi the weiner dog using the force to get some turkey from Joyce.