Old St Augustine

The heart of Downtown St Augustine is composed of buildings dating back to the 18th century, all the earlier ones were destroyed when the British put the town to the torch during their attempts to capture the Castillo.
Jacob outside the Old Mill.
The oldest wood school house in the USA.
Inside the oldest wood school house.
The serving wench in the 18th century spanish tavern, they even sell authentic 18th century alcahol.
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George St, St Augustine, the oldest tourist trap in the USA.
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The old town gates, St Augustine was a walled town, primarily to keep the poms out.
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Jacob ringing the bell at the oldest wood school house.
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A street lined by Live Oaks covered with Spanish Moss.
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The Ponce de Loen Hotel, now a college, was once the hotel of choice for New Yorks movers and shakers, the interior was decorated by Louis Tiffany and includes the largest collection of Tiffany stained glass in the world.
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This structure was once the slave market.
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A life sized statue of Jaun Ponce de Leon, he was only 4' and a few inches tall, and he travelled with a certain Senor C. Columbus.
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The Interior of the 18th century spanish tavern complete with 21st century taps and bottles.