St Augustine.

St Augustine is on the east coast of Florida.
thumbs/st-augustine 005.png
The Atlantic coast, looking south.
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They get beach bums in Florida too.
thumbs/st-augustine 008.png
Joyce and Dad.
thumbs/st-augustine 010.png
Joyce, Dad and Jill.
thumbs/st-augustine 011.png
The Altantic coast looking north, in three hours those clouds in the distance will deliver a soaking cold rain on us all.
thumbs/st-augustine 033.png
Joyce and Jill on the day we toured the Fountain of Youth, it was 5deg C at 10am.
thumbs/st-augustine 131.png
The Bridge of Lions opens every 1/2 an hour.
thumbs/st-augustine 159.png
Looking east from the Castillo de San Marcos park to the Atlantic Ocean.