The Lightner Museum.

Formally the Alcazar Casino, a playground for the rich and famous in the early 20th century the Lightner Museum contains many rare and unusual exhibts.
The Home of the Lightner Museum.
The courtyard.
thumbs/st-augustine 064.png
A hand carved lounge from India.
thumbs/st-augustine 065.png
Close up showing detail.
thumbs/st-augustine 070.png
A Sitz Bath (part of the original casino fittings).
thumbs/st-augustine 071.png
Stained glass panel.
thumbs/st-augustine 078.png
Stained glass picture of St Gregory.
thumbs/st-augustine 085.png
At the time it was built the Alcazar had the biggest indoor pool ever, now a cafe and shops live in the drained pool.
thumbs/st-augustine 086.png
A hand made blown glass and porcelain chandelier.
thumbs/st-augustine 087.png
Chandelier detail - grapes.
thumbs/st-augustine 088.png
Chandelier detail - vine leaf.
thumbs/st-augustine 089.png
Chandelier detail - flower.
thumbs/st-augustine 093.png
St Augustine has a connection with Napoleon.
thumbs/st-augustine 094.png
Side view showing the slide out chair.
thumbs/st-augustine 095.png
Front view showing the concealed chair.
thumbs/st-augustine 096.png
Close up of clock.
thumbs/st-augustine 101.png
This lion used to belong to Winston Churchill (when they were both alive), now his moth eaten remains are under glass in the Lightner (the lion that is, not churchill).
thumbs/st-augustine 104.png
To the uninformed it looks just like a rock.
thumbs/st-augustine 105.png
A fringed buckskin shirt.
thumbs/st-augustine 106.png
A South American shrunken head.