Castillo de San Marcos.

Begun by the Spanish in 1672 and completed in 1695 the Castillo was never taken in combat despite several attempts by the British in 1702 and 1740.
thumbs/st-augustine 124.png
Volunteers dressed as Spanish artillerymen prepare to fire a cannon.
thumbs/st-augustine 127.png
A six pound cannon like the one about to be fired.
thumbs/st-augustine 130.png
The cannon firing MC.
thumbs/st-augustine 134.png
Loading the cannon.
thumbs/st-augustine 135.png
The bang was so loud it made me jump...
thumbs/st-augustine 136.png
...and the first few shots were blurred...
thumbs/st-augustine 137.png
..these guys don't put their fingers in their ears for nothing...
thumbs/st-augustine 138.png fact the MC advised the crowd to do the same...
thumbs/st-augustine 139.png
...but I wanted to get some photo's of the action.
thumbs/st-augustine 140.png
If you save this sequence of photo's and look at them in a slide show feal fast you'll get a good idea of what it was like (with out the big bang :-)
thumbs/st-augustine 142.png
The moat, covert, glacis and ravelin from the gun deck.
thumbs/st-augustine 143.png
The gun deck with 18 pound cannon.
thumbs/st-augustine 145.png
An early morter.
thumbs/st-augustine 147.png
Dad on the gun deck.
thumbs/st-augustine 149.png
Part of the town wall.
thumbs/st-augustine 151.png
The wall of the Castillo.