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Orlando day four, Seaworld here we come!
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The Shamu Show.
I don't know if this is Shamu, they have about a dozen Orca's, including the biggest one in captivity anywhere.
thumbs/seaworld 001.png
Thay have at least 40 dolphins in this and other tanks.
thumbs/seaworld 003.png
1/2 a dozen perform at once,
thumbs/seaworld 004.png
leaping and splashing,
thumbs/seaworld 010.png
in fact, the first dozen rows of seats are known as the "soak zone",
thumbs/seaworld 013.png
they sell seaworld towls before the show to the people in the soak zone,
thumbs/seaworld 021.png
then they get the dolphins to splash them.
thumbs/seaworld 022.png
How high can they jump? (not as high as the trainers expected?).
thumbs/seaworld 023.png
Just another trick, they can jump this high.
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Now it's the turn of the False Killer Whales.
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They really look nothing like killer whales.
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This looks like fun.
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Whale surfing.
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Those kids are going to go home soaked.
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Syncronised jumping.
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Taking a bow.
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A second curtain call.