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Seaworld has a 500' tower with a cylindrical observation elevator that rides on the exterior, and it slowly spins as it goes up and down, so I went for a ride and got a few aerial photo's of Seaworld and the Orlando area, the last three photo's on this page are of a Manatee, a creature not unlike the Dugong found in bays and inlets along the Queensland coast, and like the Dugong the Manatee is an endangered species.
thumbs/seaworld 143.png
The roller coaster.
thumbs/seaworld 144.png
The killer whale enclosure.
thumbs/seaworld 145.png
West to the setting sun, The Disney parks are in this direction.
thumbs/seaworld 147.png
There are a multitude of lakes in Florida, this is but one of them.
thumbs/seaworld 148.png
The seal enclosure.
thumbs/seaworld 149.png
The "hospitality" pavilion.
thumbs/seaworld 150.png
The killer whale enclosure showing the lower 14 rows of the stadium, also known as the "soak zone".
thumbs/seaworld 151.png
A Manatee swimming upside down.
thumbs/seaworld 152.png
The same Manatee.
thumbs/seaworld 153.png
And again showing the tail.