Seaworld - Page 2 of 4.

Seaworld - Page 2 of 4. Seals, Otters and a Squirrel.
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Seaworld is not just whales and dolphins.
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These Seals are in a show about pirates.
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"Holey Macrel"
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Attention on Deck.
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The man in the hat is about to get wet.
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The Otter has stolen the treasure map!
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I'll cut your bloody toes off!
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How fishy is this?
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An Elephant seal.
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Sealions, you can buy fish and feed these.
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Most of them sit on the rocks and bark for attention, one of them sounded like a fog horn.
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Sealion closeup.
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Sealion closeup again.
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A squirrel busy collecting acorns.