Disney's Magic Kingdom - Page 2

The highlight of the visit to the Magic Kingdom was the nightly parade, the lowlight was the "prampede" ( the charge of about 10,000 prams toward the exit at the end of the parade).
thumbs/magic-kingdom 066.png
The first float.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 067.png
The World Famous Rodent.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 070.png
His Orchestra.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 072.png
A Peacock.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 085.png
thumbs/magic-kingdom 088.png
Pretty Lights.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 095.png
A fish.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 097.png
Three fish.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 102.png
Pirates again.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 103.png
The (not so)Little Mermaid.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 114.png
More pretty lights.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 121.png
Two of the Three Little Pigs...
thumbs/magic-kingdom 122.png
...and the Big Bad Wolf.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 125.png
Snow White.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 128.png
Something with lots of lights on it.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 130.png
Hook (there should be a ticking croc around somewhere).
thumbs/magic-kingdom 131.png
Various examples of marketing.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 133.png
And Pluto came last.