Disney's Magic Kingdom - Page 1

Day Three in Orlando and the Wylie's are heading to Disney's Magic Kingdom - via the Grand Floridian Hotel - GFH - (another Disney production).
thumbs/magic-kingdom 003.png
The foyer of the GFH, complete with three story x-mas tree.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 004.png
Also in the foyer of the GFH, a real Gingerbread House.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 011.png
The ingredients used in the making of the Gingerbread House.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 014.png
On the way from the GFH to the park we got to ride in the drivers compartment of the monorail!
thumbs/magic-kingdom 017.png
I think I've seen that castle before.....
thumbs/magic-kingdom 019.png
We're in and on the little steam train that runs around the park, next stop - Adventure Land!
thumbs/magic-kingdom 030.png
A fibreglass elephant on the safari boat ride.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 036.png
This fake rino is trying to gore the fake big white hunters stuck up the fake pole.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 043.png
A fake hippo.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 049.png
A fake cobra.
thumbs/magic-kingdom 052.png
More fake elephants (they like their fake elephants at Disney, there were about 20 of them on this ride alone).
An undead pirate on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride (I saw this movie on the jumbo between Auckland and LA - recomended).
Pirate with dog.
Pirates with Dog with Keys.
There were a multitude of people at the park, about 150,000 for the day.
That castle again.
The Buzz Lightyear ride was a lot of fun...
...you had a joystick to spin your car around and a gun to blast the bad guys, I scored 85,500.