On Sunday 23/11/03 we left Tarpon Springs heading for a four day stay in Orlando to visit three of the four Disney World parks and Seaworld. Of the four parks that make up Disney world we started at Epcot, the "Tommorrow Land" park (A couple of friends of Dad and Joyce - Orville and Anita - work for Disney, and they kindly offered to meet us each morning and get us into that days park for free!
Thanks again Orville and Anita :-)
thumbs/epcot 006.png
All the parking attendents were riding Segways, this is not the first time I've seen one on my trip, that happened in Vegas one night, but that one was gone before I could whip my camera out.
thumbs/epcot 007.png
The famous geodesic sphere, there is a ride inside about the history of human comunication (sponsored by AT&T of course).
thumbs/epcot 008.png
Dad and Joyce at the entrance to Epcot waiting for Orville and Anita to arrive.
thumbs/epcot 013.png
"Mission Space", the latest and most expensive ($150m US) ride, this was a blast, you fly on a mission to mars - from blast complete with "G" forces to a landing on mars, all done in a high tech centrifuge with VR and 3d video. I wanted to go again but the line was an hour long!
thumbs/epcot 016.png
The "Universe of Energy" exhibt - presented by Exxon/Mobil - according to this show there is plenty of oil left :p
thumbs/epcot 017.png
Entering the "Universe of Energy" L to R (in mirror tiles) - Orville, Dad, Me, Joyce and Anita (partly behind bush).
thumbs/epcot 025.png
This is just a prop.
thumbs/epcot 026.png
Another prop.
thumbs/epcot 028.png
The Chinese pavilion, they show 360deg movies in here.
thumbs/epcot 035.png
The sphere in the afternoon sun.
thumbs/epcot 037.png
thumbs/epcot 038.png
A statue?
thumbs/epcot 040.png
Or a person?
thumbs/epcot 048.png
Sphere by Night with Fountain.
thumbs/epcot 065.png
Underwater Lights.