Disney's Animal Kingdom - Page 1

On Monday 24/11/03 we paid a visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom, here is page one of the highlights.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 001.png
"The Tree of Life"
A larger than life sculpture that forms the center piece of the park.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 003.png
A Macaw.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 009.png
An Owl in flight.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 012.png
A South America Buzzard.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 021.png
America's national symbol, the Bald Eagle.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 023.png
The Bald Eagle again.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 025.png
Another Macaw.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 028.png
A brace of them.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 036.png
A Komodo Dragon.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 039.png
The same Komodo Dragon.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 041.png
A South American Tapier.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 042.png
Boxing Bat.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 046.png
Sleeping Bat.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 048.png
Stretching Bat.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 054.png
Pacing Tiger.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 056.png
Sleeping Tiger (they do this more than anything else).
thumbs/animal-kingdom 075.png
A Minkeys
thumbs/animal-kingdom 098.png
This is a hungry Hippo.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 102.png
This is a swimming Hippo.
thumbs/animal-kingdom 104.png
Nile Crocodiles.