About myself.

About my study buddy.

At this time a photo of Beatrice is unavailable.

So here's a photo of her dog Lucy :-)

Bernard Wylie .

Beer expert .

Why I am interested in web design?
Because beer experts don't earn much.

About my project web site.
My project site will be either a reworking of
Fangs Home Page, a site for an up and coming local model or a site for a friends printing business.

Hobbies and Interests.
Beer, Photography and the internet/computers.

An amusing internet experience.
(Insert witty comment here).

Beatrice Lamont.

Part time graphic designer.

Why are you interested in web design?
To add a new skill.

About your project web site.
The company I work for part time, (Thew McCann) need a web site.

Hobbies and interests.
Painting (walls included), screen printing,making paper, family and my dog.

An amusing internet experience.
I was in the local library looking up worm farming and after clicking on a hyperlink in a search engine I found myself at an "adult" web site....Oh, the shame...........

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