IBG 1/35 Einheitsdiesel with Bilsten recovery crane.

Einheitsdiesel with Bilsten recovery crane.

The Einheitsdiesel (Uniform Diesel), as the vehicle was generally called, was build from 1937 to 1940 by MAN (ca.1800), Henschel (ca.1500), Magirus (ca.2500), Bussing-NAG (ca.3200), Faun (ca.700), Daimler-Benz (ca.550) and probably Vomag. The vehicle was technically advanced, robust and reliable. Because of its complex running-gear design (six-wheel drive and individual suspension of all wheels), the Uniform Diesel had remarkable off-road capability, and was thus very popular among the troops.

This is the IBG 1/35 scale kit built out of the box with only the addition of QuickWheel resin wheels.